Homeless Solutions for Problems via Solid Information

About Bay Area Homeless

This site is for helping those in need to find the right resources currently focused on the nine counties and beyond.

A short description about BayAreaHomeless and the founder who once had a great career, family and assets. The founder has suffered enonorous losses due to large investigation involving several important cases, historical cases and family history.

Accepting Donations


We currenlty accept donations in many forms via, cash, check, voucher, credit card plus we have needs to a variety of office supplies, vehicles and other forms such as transportation cards or similar items.

Currently the web hosting is paid via the founders account but would access to servers, webservers and systems would be of great help.

About the Founder

The founder is Pete Bennett a Bay Area resident since 1978, Pete linkage has endured a very long battle with medical and is a witness in a very large criminal case leaving him currenlty homeless. He is a long term resident of Contra Costa County currently residing in the Concord Homeless Shelter.

The Software Developers

Pete Bennett, former founder of two separate technology companies, and one cabinet and millwork operation each located in Central or East County. Pete suffered a series of financial setbacks some linked to more than one serious medical incident, he was defrauded several times and his losses are in the millions. His losses today linked to the numerous public and legal corruption investigations. Pete has covered those issues on numerous websites.

The Technology

Pete has been developing and working with technology since the mid-1980s starting with developing applications for his large cabinet shop, then a computer store in Walnut Creek, then in the mid nineties started a software development operation also in Walnut Creek.

Today Pete develops using Microsoft, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Servers, SQL Server, Json, and a large array of supporting technologies used in business today.

Over four decades his clients have been Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Pacific Gas & Electric, Maxis Software, Contra Costa County, Contra Costa College District, UC Berkeley, Symante Software, GE Nuclear, Pacific Bell, SBC Global, AT&T and many smaller companies.

Non-Profit 501c3 (pending paperwork)

The 501c3 has been filed, paperwork being reviewed and will be live during mid-february 2023. Behind this project are other sites that will focus on services in many ways connected to issues of the homeless and non-homeless. Coming down the line the system will encompass listing of housing, apartments, banking solutions, credit repair, auto financing, Social Security, Medical Care, Medicare, Medi-cal and legal solutions.