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This site and others created by Pete Bennett

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The non-profit 501(c) (3) created to manage a series of websites to assist citizens to work through the many aspects of being good citizens.


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The Goals

Develop a series of website that covers all aspects of housing, homelessness, industry trends, medical, food and support. The site is being created using current database and web development tools, a modern fresh design with filled with details by state, county, cities/towns and regions. Fully searchable by area codes, cities/towns, county and services. 


The content is being developed offline and will be updated daily. Text is moving, colors will change as well as parts of web design.

Founder and Location

The founder is Pete Bennett who has been a bay area resident since 1978, Pete linkage is he is currenlty homeless in Contra Costa Countu residing in the Concord Homeless Shelter. How he ended up homeless is connected to series of incidents costing him millions. Today his services are for those in need vs. working for the F-100 firms in his past. 

The Founder is a Software Developer

Pete Bennett, former founder of two separate technology companies, and one cabinet and millwork operation each located in Central or East County. Pete suffered a series of financial setbacks some linked to more than one serious medical incident, he was defrauded several times and his losses are in the millions. His losses today linked to the numerous public and legal corruption investigations. Pete has covered those issues on numerous websites.

Built with ASP.NET

Today, millions of websites run ASP.NET applications using SQL Server, ASP Web Pages plus data management using Microsoft Office 365. The web site is managed by Internet Information Server (IIS.NET) and everything runs on Microsoft Windows Server latest editions. Some pages data comes SQL Server or JSON formatted files using

The pages are formatted via Bootstrap, CSS, Jquery and Javascript. The developer began his software career via reading books, web sites and testing, testing and more testing. His experience began around 1985 with a Macintosh 512 then transistioned to MS DOS, then over Windows 3.1 then moved into servers around 1993.